The GÉANT Testbeds Service (GTS) delivers integrated virtual environments as "testbeds" to the users.

The network testbed resources are dynamically allocated from real e-infrastructure distributed across 5 sites in the GÉANT core, allowing researchers to define, build, test and re-build highly scalable, high capacity virtual networks quickly, easily and cost-effectively. Such flexibility enables rapid prototyping and users to perform scalability testing before deploying services in a production environment.

Frequently Asked Questions
Is GTS a cloud environment? Can I use GTS to host my application and make it publicly reachable?
No. While GTS shares some traits with the cloud service, the testbeds created in GTS are meant to be operated on isolated networks, hidden behind separate instances of NAT and VPN for each project. GTS does not provide any public IP addressing and users cannot run their application in GTS and have it exposed to the internet. Please talk to your local NREN for hosting options available from their service catalogue.
What Operating System flavors are available in GTS?
Currently Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS and FreeBSD flavors are available to users.
What backup and redundancy options are available in GTS?
GTS is a test environment and does not provide any scheduled or on-demand backups to user. Users are not encouraged to run any project that demand redundancy and high availability in GTS. GTS is a lightweight testbed facility and should be treated as a short-term prototyping environment. Users will have access to project-shared directory (which currently provides 3GB storage) and can rely on the Internet and VPN connectivity to store configuration files, computation results or any other important data they have gathered on their VMs and Bare-Metal Servers.
What is the minimum and maximum duration for a Project in GTS?
There is no minimum duration. The maximum duration is 12 months and by the end of your project period, the project resources and user account will be automatically terminated.
What options are available to me to model my network in GTS?
The users can use our simple drag-and-drop graphical editor or use DSL in a text-based editor to design their network. Please refer to sections 4.1 and 4.2 in our User Guide for more details.
What level of support is available to users?
GTS is an unmanaged service, meaning that once access is granted to the GTS portal, the users self-serve themselves and they are owners of their resources for the duration of the project. There is an extensive User Guide and support FAQ's available to users. GTS is more suited to experienced administrators who can self-serve themselves. There is a support team who is responsible for the maintenance of the GÉANT GTS infrastructure (the details and scope are available in the User Guide).
Eligibility and registration
Who can access GTS?
GTS is currently available for sponsored users from EU R&E community. Applications to access GTS must be approved by either the users:
  • A National or Representative Member of the GÉANT Association.
  • A Work Package Leader in the GN4-3 project.
I am a user from the EU R&E community: who should I contact regarding my project endorsement request?
Please contact your local NREN with your project resource requirements and duration of the project. If you are not sure who to contact at your local NREN, our wiki page has the pointers to the local NRENs based on the country. For GN4-3 work package activity related requirements, please contact your work package leader.
Who should my NREN contact with regard to my project endorsement request?
You can mention your NREN approver contact details in the registration form ("NREN contact point" field) and the appropriate GEANT team will validate the request with the local NREN and activate your Project upon successful endorsement.
Where can I find the full description of the GTS service?
GTS service description is available from the GÉANT services page.
Where can I find the GTS Usage Policy and Service Terms?
The full GTS service Terms and Policy are available in the Terms page.
I am not an EU R&E user. How do I gain access to GTS?
Thanks for your interest in GTS. GTS is currently available to R&E users within GEANT NREN consortium only and unfortunately we cannot serve you in the current phase of GTS project.
General information
More information

The following pages provide extra detail on how to use GTS (User Guide) and answers to some common questions (Frequently Asked Questions).

Legal Notice

Other interesting documents with legal considerations can be found here.