GTS is a testing environment where users can dynamically create wide-area virtual networks via a web-based automatic provisioning system, to prototype and test their network-based experiments. Users can make use of virtual machines (VMs), Bare Metal Servers (BMS) and OpenFlow switches as resources and form a network by connecting the resources using Layer 2 virtual links. Currently GTS resources are available in the following GÉANT backbone locations: London, Amsterdam, Paris, Prague, and Hamburg.

GTS "translates" the users desired system topology into the provisioned infrastructure, enabling researchers to focus on development rather than provisioning and maintenance of hardware, Operating Systems and networking; reducing costs, speeding developments and enabling innovation.

Key benefits


Ideal Platform for prototyping, before moving to a production environment. Saves time and money as users don't have to build their own test environment.

Easy-to-use Interface

Users can build their environment using the easy-to-use drag-and-drop visual editor and they also have the option to define their network using the text-based editor.

Real Infrastructure

Resources are from real infrastructure distributed across the GÉANT network.

Security and Privacy

GTS testbeds are, by design, insulated and isolated from one another. They are designed to be secure. User access to a project is carefully constrained to allow them to view only their project specific details.

Flexible Environment

Users can build/rebuild their network any number of times within their resource pool.

Minimal Overhead

Once the project is activated, users self-serve themselves and they are owners of their resources for the duration of their project. Experiments can be up and running in less than 10 minutes from activation.

Choice of Resources

Wide choice of resources and OS flavours. Bare-Metal Servers (BMS) have dedicated 10g capacity


Users have access to extensive user guide and self-help tutorials. A support team is available to maintain the operationality of the service and the maintenance of the GÉANT GTS infrastructure.

More information

The following pages provide extra detail on how to use GTS (User Guide) and answers to some common questions (Frequently Asked Questions).